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For many Canadians, the announcement about the Rogers/Shaw merger getting approved made our stomachs drop. On the streets, the consensus is that the last thing we need is another behemoth telecom operator. Several entities from the various federal and provincial governments have promised to keep a close eye on whether the combined company delivers on their promises. We at NetJOI will also be keeping a close watch

For now, let’s flip the digital page and talk about some good news for your pocket book! Specifically, rewarding customers.

Say Hello to JOIBucks and Get Rewarded!

NetJOI isn’t just another internet service provider. NetJOI is a high-speed internet and digital phone provider in Canada with some cool twists. One of those is affordability & another is rewarding customers. We take the alternative approach, agreeing to meet the promised product – without any question.

JOIBucks are earned automatically when you sign up with NetJOI. You start stacking up those rewards from month one, no matter what package you choose. But it doesn’t stop there. Becoming a customer is just the beginning of the JOIBucks journey.

Other ways to earn rewards? Pay your bills on time. (Yes, you get rewarded for this.) Get a new/extra product. Stick around for a year. Get rewarded randomly because NetJOI decides to run an event or offer bonuses.

Let’s say step 1 is done, because you’ve just signed up for NetJOI. You may be used to ‘other’ companies that bury rewards or make it nearly impossible to see if/when you’ve earned anything. With NetJOI, you check out the JOIBucks page, use the link to sign into your account, and Voila! Here are your JOIBucks.

These days, most of us need cash in our pockets, not swag or a chance to win a discount for a product you can’t afford anyway (yes, there’s still at least one company offering these ‘deals’).

So, JOIBucks get used for what you need: discounts on your bills, or other discounts directly related to the stuff you have to get to stay connected. Not bad. Not bad at all.

A Curious Lack of Rewards — What’s Up with the Big Guys?

Other companies seem to have forgotten that their ‘empires’ are built on the backs of their customers. They may claim to have some reward program, but when was the last time you heard someone say they’re sticking with their big brand name internet provider because the reward program is awesome?

In a world where customer loyalty is everything, it’s surprising that some of Canada’s most significant internet and digital phone companies have yet to implement decent customer reward programs. Companies like Rogers, Bell, and Telus have been providing services to Canadians for years, yet they really haven’t tried hard enough to incentivize their customers to remain loyal.

Maybe they believe that they don’t need great customer reward programs since they have a large market share in Canada. However, with increasing competition from newer, smaller companies (ahem, NetJOI) and the rise of online service providers, customer reward programs should become even more important in retaining customers.

Unfortunately, some companies with reward programs have scaled back or ended them, citing reasons such as cost savings or lack of customer interest. For example, Rogers’ “First Rewards” program, which offered discounts on products and services, was shut down in 2016. Many Rogers customers were disappointed with the decision, as they felt that the program helped them save money and encouraged them to remain with the company.

Some customer reviews have also negatively painted big provider reward programs, claiming they are often difficult to understand or redeem. One company’s rewards program was criticized for its complicated point system and limited options for redeeming points. Customers felt that the program was more of a hassle than a benefit, and many stopped using it altogether.

What Customer Rewards do Canadians Want?

Although there are a few categories of rewards that Canadians want, the top reward is always cashback. And that’s getting even more popular now, as we all have to cut back on spending and find more places where we can save.

After cashback, popular reward programs include travel awards, retail loyalty programs (like the PC Optimum program), restaurant and coffee shop rewards, and gas rewards. Interestingly, all of them except travel involve savings/rewards for things we need to buy regularly. Canadians appreciate customer rewards programs that offer practical benefits.

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, it’s likely that customer reward programs in Canada will evolve as well. Some predictions include more personalization (as big companies collect more data about their customers), integration with mobile devices, a focus on sustainability (this one’s pretty cool if it offers eco options that do make a difference), gamification, and partnerships and collaborations between different companies and reward programs.

The Future for Customer Reward Programs

The future of customer reward programs in Canada is likely to be shaped by technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and a greater focus on sustainability and collaboration. But that’s not enough. Customers will also be looking for affordable prices, great customer service, and that ‘extra thing’ that will make one company stand out above the others.

It’s very likely that this is where smaller companies like NetJOI will really stand out. Because they can offer the personal touch that larger companies just don’t have. This, plus offering services that include great customer service and affordable options, and then stacking that with rewards that customers want and will use may be the ultimate game changer in building customer loyalty and a strong brand.

In those places where everything else is the same between an extremely large company and a smaller one, the commitment to listen to customers and use that feedback to guide programs will set smaller companies apart.

A sincere customer-business relationship can inspire future rewards and benefits for both parties. Businesses that prioritize their relationships with their customers can create better overall experiences (including meaningful rewards). NetJOI’s business model makes customers their central focus—as it should be.

Again, this is a place where smaller companies have all the advantages. Because the people working at smaller companies recognize how valuable every customer is. They also have the time to genuinely listen to their customers and learn from them.

Here’s hoping the future has fewer (or no) businesses that eliminate the opportunity for healthy competition, and more businesses that are always looking for new ways to reward their customers.



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