Software Version:

All the settings were default on the device before configuration.

Step 1.
Plug all the appropriate wires to your Grandstream HT701 device.
• Internet cable (Internet connection)
• Phone line (attached to the phone)
• Power
Step 2.
From the phone attached to your Grandstream HT701 device:
• Dial ‘***’
• Then dial ‘02’
Write down your IP address.
Step 3.
On the PC/Mac connected to the same network as your Grandstream HT701 device, go to your browser
(Internet Explorer; Chrome; Firefox; Opera; Safari, etc.).
In the URL bar put your IP address from Step 2.
[Note: I am using for my IP, your IP address might be different!]

Web-based utility will appear.
Now you have to login.
Default Password: admin

Step 4.
Go to ‘BASIC SETTINGS’ tab and fill in the following settings:
Time Zone: Using self-defined Time Zone
Self-Defined Time Zone: [Choose appropriate time zone, depending where you are located]

After you click ‘Apply’ button, device should ask you to reboot. If so – click on

‘Reboot’ button to apply the changes you have made. If it doesn’t – go back to

‘BASIC SETTINGS’ tab and click ‘Reboot’ button at the bottom. Wait while device is rebooting.

Step 5.
Go to ‘FXS PORT’ tab and change the following settings:
Primary SIP Server: voip.directnet.ca [Note: For ROGERS Internet provider customers use

NAT Traversal: Keep-Alive
SIP User ID:
[Your DirectNet number 1xxxxxxxxxx]
Authenticate Password:
[Your SIP password]
[Your first and last name]
Outgoing Call without Registration:
Use Random SIP Port:
Use Random RTP Port:

Transfer on Conference Hangup: Yes
Allow Incoming SIP Messages from SIP Proxy Only:
Transfer on Conference Hangup:
Preferred DTMF method:
(in listing order)

No Key Entry Timeout: 4
Preferred Vocoder: (in listed order):

Then click ‘Apply’ button at the bottom

The device might not ask you for reboot. In this case – after you applied changes,

go back to ‘FXS PORT’ tab and click ‘Reboot’ at the bottom. Wait while device is rebooting.