Canada is a country dominated by oligopolies – from telecommunications and groceries to banking, aviation and more, big corporations control the destiny of prices, services, and choices. This may appear to be a good thing for the consumer as we can get confused by choice however the truth is that limited competition means a lack of incentive for quality improvements, and the consumer will ultimately suffer from higher prices, poor customer service, and reduced choice.

It’s a topic whispered amongst frustrated consumers across the country. Head over to any online community of Canadians, be it Reddit, Facebook groups, or online bulletin boards, and you’ll find never-ending threads of complaints about the soaring prices of Internet and phone services. It is already a long established fact Canadians pay some of the most expensive rates in the world for Internet and other telecommunication services. That’s not all, as consumers are worried about the continuous tactics employed by these telecommunications giants to extract every last penny from their loyal customers.

TELUS recently sent its customers a very bitter notice, notifying them of a 1.5% increase in their bills to cover the credit card processing fee (Editors Note: we understand that TELUS has since rescinded this fee). Rogers acquired Shaw for a whopping $26 billion and hit their customers with a double rate increase for standard long-distance calls to the US. Bell’s on the list too, and starting July 2023, their monthly mobile rate plan will increase by $5.

The next focus of the big players is the acquisition of smaller, independent providers with Telus quietly purchasing Start.ca in February 2023 while Bell quietly snapped up Distributel (Acanac, Primus, ThinkTel, Zazeen, Yak) in December 2022 and Videotron completing its acquisition of VMedia in July 2022.

In a world dominated by big telecommunications that prioritize profits over customer loyalty and satisfaction, NetJOI differs with its affordability, connectivity, and community-driven service. Our emails won’t have your heart racing. Instead, it’ll beat faster with joy when you hear about our JOIBucks loyalty program, which rewards our consumers for not only their purchases, but on the anniversary of their service, for paying their bills and multiple other opportunities.

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Quality You Can Trust

Quality and low prices often don’t go together, but at NetJOI, we have cracked the equation of affordable, reliable high-speed Internet and phone services for everyone.

Our team of dedicated professionals has been closely monitoring all social media handles and keeping an eye on the big players. We’ve heard the stories of missed workdays, opportunities, and precious moments lost due to subpar Internet and phone services despite you shelling out your entire savings. We’ve been in your shoes, and it’s been a source of inspiration for all of us at NetJOI to create a service that prioritizes your satisfaction.

When you connect with NetJOI, you’re not only getting access to reliable high-speed Internet and Digital Phone services, but you’re also forming a partnership that is dedicated to your happiness. You become a part of the NetJOI community, all of whom have experienced a transformed experience in the world of telecommunications.

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Affordable High-Speed Internet and Digital Phone Services

Unlike the big players, we are committed to providing everyone with high-speed Internet and Digital Phone services at competitive rates. Our JOI 30 package, priced at $51 monthly, offers up to 30 Mbps and 5 Mbps download and upload speeds, respectively. For households of up to 6 people, we recommend JOI 75, priced at $57 monthly. You’ll experience download speeds of up to 75 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps. We also offer JOI 300, priced at $86 monthly, for those seeking more enthusiastic speeds. You’ll get download speeds of up to 300 Mbps along with upload speeds of 20 Mbps.

We keep our overheads at a minimum to ensure you get the lowest possible costs – over 75% of the cost of our service is compensation to our upstream providers whose networks we leverage to deliver our Internet service. The remaining 25% is invested in our technology, awesome customer service, JOIBucks and operations.

We believe wholeheartedly in transparency, and all our packages come with unlimited usage, easy to understand pricing, no hidden charges, no nickel and diming. Yes, you can consider us the no-frills service within the telecommunication industry complemented by great customer service.

Independence Matters

Rogers recently completed their acquisition, following a similar pattern of consolidation within the telecommunication industry. NetJOI remains proudly independent, and we continue to recognize the significance of competition and choice in the market.

While the big guys slowly absorb other independent telecommunications sellers, we are determined to provide you with an alternative so that you get the best service at the lowest rates possible.

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A Loyalty Program That Rewards You

JOIBucks is our way of thanking you for choosing our services. As a member, you receive JOIBucks with select packages after successful installation and continue earning them monthly alongside your subscription. These points can be redeemed from our growing catalog of perks and discounts.

The best part? We’re running a summer promotion that gives you a free month of Internet and Digital Phone services after successful installation. We’ve got different packages to suit your needs and we will continue to deliver innovative and affordable Internet and Digital Phone Services to fit any budget. Head over to our summer promotion to learn more about the offer!

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Investing in Communities

At NetJOI, we believe in actively strengthening our bond with you and our local community. We have been secretly working on exciting philanthropic projects to impact the community positively. You’ll soon hear more about our involvement, and meanwhile, you can keep checking our pages to stay updated.

Wrapping Up

At NetJOI, we form a partnership with you, and we plan on sustaining it for many years to come. You get to enjoy our reliable, high-speed Internet and Digital Phone Services at low prices without worrying about additional charges. Further, you will earn JOIBucks that can be redeemed for exciting perks and benefits. Join us and Feel the JOI!