NetJOI Digital Home Phone Service – Equipment

The primary equipment required to access our Digital Home Phone Service is an ATA Adapter. ATA is an acronym for Analog Telephone Adapter which is basically a device that converts the analog signals from an existing POTS service (Plain Old Telephone Service) to a digital signal which can be processed by your computer.

Our Digital Home Phone supports a number of ATA Adapters including:

    • Grandstream HT802

    • Grandstream HT701

    • Grandstream HT702

    • Grandstream HT704

    • Linksys PAP2T

    • SPA112

    • SPA2102

NetJOI currently has limited supplies of the Grandstream HT802 devices in stock which are available for purchase by new subscribers to our service. ATA Adapters purchased from NetJOI will be properly configured for our service - no additional customer configuration necessary (except for your WIFI specific settings). Please select the purchase option in the relevant section of the checkout. Additional information on the Grandstream HT802 device is available from the manufacturer.

We also have guides to help you configure the Grandstream HT701 ATA Adapter and the Cisco SPA122 ATA Adapter.